What I Love About My Team


Written By: 2016-17 U.S. Figure Skating DREAM Member and Miami Senior Varsity Athlete, Bailey Styzinski 

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I just wanted to share with you all what I love most about my team and my coaches!

First of all, my teammates have been incredible throughout my transition from high school to college. They have been more than willing to answer any questions I have about school and skating, and are always understanding if I don’t pick up on something right away. My skating environment has also tremendously changed. Switching coaching staffs and moving up a division isn’t easy, but my teammates have already been through it, so they had some great advice and are patient when us newcomers need a little extra help.



Another thing that I love about my teammates is that even on days when we have tough practices or don’t do as well as we were expecting at a competition, we always know how to make each other laugh, and we know that we have each other’s support. Some points in the season are more stressful than others, but we have been understanding with each other without sacrificing our training. When I’m having an off day, I find it best to remember why I started skating, think about the hard work I’ve been putting in for years, and channel the passion I have for the sport into my skating. Reconnecting with myself helps me to connect better with my teammates, and the bond we share shows through in our performances.


My coaches do a wonderful job of creating a positive environment where each skater has all of the tools she needs to be successful on and off the ice. Their coaching style is effective towards our age and they recognize we each have different styles, and they make each style work for our team. They empower us to achieve our goals as a team, and are great role models for us in our everyday lives.

I couldn’t be more grateful to have had so many wonderful coaches and teammates in my life! I love you all!!

Happy Valentines Day!!

XO Bailey





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