Preparation for Stockholm

2017-18 U.S. Figure Skating DREAM Program and Skyliners Senior Team Member, Emily Kirillov 

As a team, our main goal this season was to qualify to be a part of the 2018 World Team. We worked so hard all year and were determined to accomplish our goal! The entire team is beyond thrilled and so honored that we will be competing at the World Championships in Stockholm, Sweden next week!

Picture 1

We have set a new goal for ourselves and are striving to put forth our best possible performances at Worlds. Coming off Nationals, we went right back into our regular practice schedule. This season is very different from my previous experience competing at the junior level, because Junior teams leave for Worlds shortly after returning from Nationals. Since there is about a month in between Nationals and Worlds, we have time to perfect our programs before heading to our final competition.  In our recent practices, our coaches, Josh and Pam, have been working to refine the details of our programs focusing on transitions and skating quality. We loved having Gale Tanger, an international judge, attend our practice the week after Nationals! Gale gave us very helpful feedback on how we can work to improve our components and the artistic side of our programs.

Picture 2

To stay in shape and conditioned, we have fitness along with our on-ice practices each weekend. Our trainer, Sandra Shakalov, gives us strengthening exercises that correspond to elements and moves we have to perform on the ice, such as lifts, spirals, and death spirals. Also, we workout on our own by attending fitness classes, going to the gym, and skating individually throughout the week.

On the Skyliners Senior line, we have skaters from 10 different states although, we all share a unique bond that carries into our skating. One of my favorite memories of our team bonding before Nationals was talking about why we started skating and what brought each of us to where we are now. The stories we share inspire everyone on the team and get us ready to skate not only just for ourselves but also for our teammates.

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I am so incredibly excited to have the opportunity to compete alongside all of the teams that I have looked up to for so many years. Skyliners Senior all can’t wait to make our debut at the 2018 ISU World Championships in Stockholm, Sweden soon!

Good luck to all the teams at Worlds and GO USA!!



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