Introducing Madison deBlasi

Written By: 2018-19 U.S. Figure Skating DREAM and Skyliners Junior Team Member, Madison deBlasi

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Hello, everyone! My name is Madison deBlasi and I’m from Greenwich, Connecticut.  I skate on the Skyliners Junior line and am very excited for this season to get underway!

When I was four, I fell in love with figure skating after attending Disney on Ice.  I always aspired to be just like Princess Jasmine, so I signed up for Learn-to-Skate classes at my local rink in Greenwich.  One of my teachers invited me to go to the Skyliners Pep Rally, so my mom and I decided to check it out! I was amazed with what I saw and knew right away that I wanted to become a synchro skater.  In 2008, I joined the Preliminary line for Skyliners, and since then I have felt at home with my new skating family.



Eight years later I tried out for the Junior team; being accepted onto this team was one of the biggest accomplishments I had achieved to that point.  I was so excited to begin my journey as part of Team USA! Over the years on Skyliners Junior, I have been fortunate enough to have competed in six international competitions, including two World Championships.  My experiences have been absolutely priceless; from the moment I step on the ice, knowing that I am competing alongside my best friends… to watching the American flag raise as the National Anthem plays. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to represent our country in this sport we love.


Synchronized skating has taught me many valuable lessons and helped me build strong traits.  Being on the team, you learn motivation, perseverance, and most of all, teamwork! Motivation comes both internally and externally.  I find that all of my teammates have a strong motivation to succeed. We also receive encouragement from our coaches, families, and people who come to watch us skate.  Together, we persevere through the challenges of learning and perfecting each new program that will be used in our competitions. On and off the ice we have a strong bond with each other, and teamwork is central to our ability to perform at high technical levels in unison.

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As a senior in high school, this is a very exciting transition time for me.  I will have many decisions to make in the coming year, but I know with certainty that I want to continue skating in college! Being on a synchro team has taught me so much about myself and has enriched my life.  I truly can’t imagine my life without skating. Beyond skating, I have aspirations to become a physical therapist. I want to help injured athletes resume their sport just as mine helped me return to skating after injuries.  All of my experiences in skating have helped me develop a vision for my career choices.

I hope everyone has a great start to their seasons, and I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the competitions!  





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