What does DREAM stand for?

  • Determination
  • Responsibility
  • Education
  • Achievement
  • Motivation

What are the requirements to be a member of the DREAM program?

  • Must be at least 16-year-old, have passed at least one gold medal test (moves-in-the-field, freestyle, dance, pairs or dance) and have been a member of a junior or senior team that was part of a U.S. Synchronized Skating Team.
  • Athletes are selected based on their competitive record, leadership skills and volunteerism, essays they submitted, school transcripts and letters of recommendations.

When can I apply to be on the DREAM Program?

  • The process to apply for the program begins in March, proceeding U.S. National Synchronized Skating Championships. Once applications are carefully reviewed, skaters here back from the selection committee in May.

If I am selected for the program, what can I expect to do?

  • DREAM athletes will volunteer for U.S. Figure Skating through writing, blogging, assisting at national camps and supporting local club programs.

For more information click here or e-mail USSynchronizedSkating@usfigureskating.org.


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